• “From the sound of Marbles to today’s music”

    Contemporary music inspired by the poetry of Archilochus of Paros

    Fundraising Event

Sunday 22.10.2023 at 20.00

At Fluxus Museum Theatre (Archilochos’ Hall)

“From the sound of Marbles to today’s music”

Contemporary music inspired by the poetry of Archilochus of Paros

Contemporary music inspired by the poetry of Archilochus of Paros. Among other pieces, the programme will feature works by Manos Hatjidakis and Bela Bartok and the premiere performances of Maroulia Kontou’s compositions “String Quartet op.5” & “Archilochus Rhapsody op.4”. Also, cello improvisations by the composer Kostas Reklitis (video-recorded in the underground quarries).

With the participation of:

The “Athens Academica Quartet”:

  • Tassos Gratsias, violin
  • Odysseas Korelis, violin
  • Manias Antonios, viola
  • Elli Philippou, cello

The lyric artists:

  • Evdokia Mousidou, soprano
  • Sophia Malama, mezzo
  • Dimitris Sigalos, tenor
  • Dimitris Alexoudis, bass

Themistoclis Karpodinis, actor

Aphroditi Vazaka, flute

Stratos Kalamaras, percussion

The piano pieces will be played by the piano graduates Kerasioti Anna & Kerasioti Ioustini

and the piano student Alexandra Sirbou (class of Maroulia Kontou).

Organised by Mythodia Conservatory & the non-profit organisation “PAROS ANCIENT MARBLE QUARRIES PARK”.

Artistic direction: Maroulia Kontou

Admission 15 euro

The proceeds will be used for the projects of the non-profit organisation “PAROS ANCIENT MARBLE QUARRIES PARK”.

If not in Paros and unable to attend, you can contribute to the bank account of the non-profit organisation HERE.

Photos from the concert

Concert for the ancient quarries of Marathi

More about the concert

by Maroulia Kontou

A few months ago, I was asked by the AMKE of the ancient quarries of Paros to organize a concert with my compositions to support the association.

Having grown up in Paros, with my great-grandmother living near the ancient quarries of Paros, the poetry of Archilochus and many Greek melodies in my heart and in my compositions, I proposed to hold a concert with my own works as well as those of other composers.

My two songs in poetry by M.Polydouris and A.Valaoritis op.2, my quartet for strings in Greek rhythms op.5 and the work “Archilochus Rhapsody op.4” will be presented in a first performance!

Especially the last work, like me, is taken from the soul of Paros. Based on ancient verses by the poet Archilochus, which will be sung by four wonderful lyric singers Evdokia Moisidou , Sofia Malama, Dimitris Sigalos and Dimitris Alexoudis, accompanied by piano, flute, cello, bendir and narrated in modern Greek by the excellent actor Themistocles Karpodini. (Translated into Modern Greek by Yannis Efthymiadis)

This is a work that I have loved very much, and I feel that it shows me a deep and meaningful way of connecting with the ancient tradition of my land, as it becomes a bridge of connection with the contemporary music of a contemporary Parian composer, who lives and is inspired by the same land where our worthy ancestors worked in greatness.

I am truly honoured that the Athens String Quartet will be travelling to Paros, especially to perform my first quartet, and I thank them warmly

My beloved colleague Afrodite Vazaka, my student Alexandra Sirbu, and my piano graduates Ioustini and Anna Kerasioti will have a significant participation in the evening. Stratos Kalamaras will play percussion with unique sensitivity. The beloved soprano Evdokia Moysidou will perform my two songs in a unique way.

This concert will be a very important moment for me, and I would love to have my dear friends with us…!!!!

Thanks to all the participants for the effort and love with which they prepared the concert!

I hope to see you there ..!

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