Ancient Quarries Event on 12/07/2022

Ancient Quarries Event

Tuesday 12/7/2022 at 20:00
In the courtyard of the former Primary School in Marathi

Introduction by Vlassis Sfyroeras

The site of the Ancient Marble Quarries of Paros is unique!

Thousands of years ago, a huge construction site brought out of the depths of the earth the greatest marble, from which the most beautiful statues known in the world were carved!

Statues that adorn the world’s greatest museums. Which, when millions of visitors admire them, read their common subtitle: Marble of Paros“!

Unfortunately, today, visitors to this sacred site are turning away, disappointed by a picture of total abandonment!

We, the Parians, the Cycladic people, the Greeks, were too late to realize the treasure of  Marathi! And fortunately, the Ministry of Culture declared the site as Archaeological!

But, beyond that and despite some associations’ efforts, NOTHING HAS HAPPENED!

Improvised paths, made from the footsteps of visitors. Weeds! Minimal marking. Perilous galleries-holes…

Thus, 6 associations of the island decided to create the “PAROS ANCIENT MARBLE QUARRIES PARK”:

  • The “Friends of Paros and Antiparos”
  • The Cultural and Recreational Association of Marathi and Vounion “Agios Minas”
  • The Cultural Association of Paros “Archilochos”
  • The Institute of Archaeology of Paros and Cyclades
  • The Federation of Parian Associations
  • The Hotel Association of Paros and Antiparos.

The objectives of the non-profit association are:

1) The acceleration of procedures and plans, always with the permission and supervision of the Ministry of Culture and the Local Authorities

2) Raising funds to facilitate the financing of the necessary projects.

The ultimate goal, however, is the recognition of the galleries and the site as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The representatives of the associations, but also those who participate in this effort, have agreed to work FULLY for these purposes.

It’s a tedious task:

  • Expropriation of the space
  • Studies on the stability of the galleries
  • Digital imprinting
  • Identification of other galleries, if there are any
  • Accessibility to the galleries
  • Restoration and use of the industrial buildings that are in ruins so that the site becomes a real archaeological and cultural park!

According to the Statute of the non-profit association, the Ministry of Culture, the Municipality (majority and opposition), the Region, and the 6 Associations, participate in the Board of Directors!

We go hand in hand.

So let’s start with the simple things:

  • Cleaning up some areas and setting up information signs.
  • Preparation of the strategic plan (master plan).
  • Information actions

To get the ball rolling!

And there’s more to come…

Already a wave of volunteers is helping us: we extend our warmest thanks to them.

Those who want to contribute are also of-course welcome (to become Members, Friends, or bring their financial support).

We want this dream to become the dream of all Parian and Greek people!

We rely on its sensitivity, enthusiasm but also on its voluntary contribution, its support…

To turn this area, soon, into a Cultural and Archaeological Park and, eventually, into a World Heritage Site. As we ought to.

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