Phrasikleia Kore

Parian Marble

550 – 540 BC

The body of the statue comes from the necropolis of Myrrinounos, in the present-day Mesogeia, while its base was detached from a church wall four years earlier than the discovery of the Kore, i.e. in 1968.

It is a funerary statue, depicting a standing female figure in the type of a daughter. The left hand is shown bent at the chest, holding a lotus blossom. The daughter wears jewellery and rich clothing, while the surviving pigments that decorated her are interesting. The statue is identified as the work of Aristion thanks to the inscription on its pedestal.

2,115 μ. height (including the base), the height of the pupil without the base is 1,79 m.

Archaic period

Excellent condition, traces of the pigments are preserved.

National and Archaeological Museum, Athens