Visit the archaeological area of the ancient quarries in Marathi

The next guided visit is planned for Saturday, 26 November, at 12:00, co-organised with the Friends of Paros & Antiparos.

A guided visit at Marathi ancient qarries

Our next event for the Ancient Quarries: 27 November 2022

We are planning a local event in Parikia on Sunday, 27 November, at 11:00 (Archilochos Hall) to inform and discuss with the local organisations and the people of Paros the efforts for safeguarding the ancient quarries and creating an archaeological and cultural park in Marathi. We expect to include a briefing on the progress of the geological investigation by Professor Vassilis Marinos and to exchange ideas on the master plan of the archaeological and cultural park before its launch.

Check-out the program of the event.

Event at Marathi for the ancient marble quarries
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