Ancient Quarries Event – Thursday 27/7/2023

At the Courtyard of the former Primary School of Marathi

SUMMARY OF ANNUAL REPORT Presented on 27.7.2023

On 27 July 2023, at an event held in Marathi, the non-profit organisation “Paros Ancient Marble Quarries Park AMKE” presented the work it has carried out in the first year of its existence and discussed the strategy and actions required in the future to overcome the obstacles that remain and to develop the archaeological site in Marathi into an archaeological and cultural park worthy of the global value of the unique monument of the Ancient Quarries.

The main protection actions implemented or promoted by AMKE in the field of protection include:

  1. the 3D digital mapping and geological survey of all the underground galleries of the Pan’s and Nymphs’ quarries carried out by a team of the NTUA led by Professor V. Marinos;
  2. the project for the improvement of the stability and accessibility of the galleries (beginning with the specification of immediate temporary or permanent support measures in the places that present the most serious instability problems) which is in progress with funding from Cycladic Identity initiative of the Museum of Cycladic Art.

The main promotion actions implemented by AMKE include:

  1. the construction and installation of information boards as a first step for reversing the current impression of abandonment presented by the archaeological site;
  2. the creation of AMKE’s website,, where a large amount of material has been collected in relation to the history and cultural value of the Ancient Quarries;
  3. the organization of a range of communication activities to highlight the importance of the monument (regular visits – guided tours of the site, information events, such as the one held last November in Parikia, and presentations at the high schools of Parikia and Naoussa).

The challenges ahead include:

  • The status of the ownership of the land. The AMKE continues its efforts to help the transfer of the ownership to the public sector with priority accorded to the site containing the entrances to the galleries of the Nymphs’ quarry. Not only this would achieve unhindered access to the underground galleries, it would also allow measures for the protection of the stability of the nearby 19th century winch stations which are in precarious state.
  • The most important task is the preparation of the Master Plan for the gradual creation of the archaeological and cultural park. The Master Plan will be the road map for the step-by-step journey towards this goal. It will determine the land uses in the area and will determine the scope, timing and budget of the studies and projects that must be implemented for the development and operation of the park.

Event of 27-7-2023

Tribute to the memory of Nayia Downward

The board of AMKE and the participants in the event of 27.7.2023 paid tribute to the contribution of Nayia Downward who passed away suddenly on 4.9.2022 in Paros.

From day one, Nayia embraced our vision to create an archaeological and cultural park in Marathi, encouraging us and offering financial support and abundant advice, both her own and from distinguished experts.

Her contribution was enormous and we are grateful to her husband, Jeremy, and her children for their continued support.



Registration / Refreshments

Musical welcome, Vasilis Rakopoulos & Marc Buronfosse



Anna Kagani, Board of Directors, ΑΜΚΕ


“Paros Ancient Marble Quarries Park ΑΜΚΕ” – The first year: What we have done and the challenges ahead

Nikos Malatestas, Managing Director, AMKE


Priorities and guidelines for 2023-204

Discussion – Moderator, Haris Martinos, Board of Directors, ΑΜΚΕ


Tribute to the memory of Nayia Downward


Closure / Buffet and drinks