Photography contest on the subject of the Ancient Quarries

The non-profit organisation “Paros Ancient Marble Quarries Park” and the Paros Photo Club are organising a photo contest on the subject of the Ancient Quarries. The contest is open to anyone interested in this subject—submission deadline: 30/04/2024. Prize(s) will be awarded, sponsored by the association Friends of Paros and Antiparos.

Terms of participation in the photo contest

Subject: Ancient Quarries (Marathi)

  • Participation is open to anyone interested in the competition’s subject.
  • The files to be submitted must be in Raw format, with basic processing.
  • Photos taken with a mobile phone are excluded.
  • Photos can be either colour or black and white.
  • Photos can contain the human factor but without depicting a face. No portraits allowed.
  • Each competitor can participate by submitting up to 5 photos.
  • The copyright will belong to the creator but will be assigned to the Ancient Quarries AMKE to be able to use it in any promotional activity it deems necessary.
  • Taking photos inside the galleries of the Nymphs’ or Pan’s quarries can only be done after consultation with the Ancient Quarries AMKE (representative Spyros Mitrogiannis 694 4876685) and with the permission of the Cycladic Antiquities Ephorate, subject to special terms and conditions.

Submission deadline: 30/04/2024.

  • Files must be submitted by email before 30/04/2024.
  • Any submission made after this date is considered invalid.

Photo contest jury:

  • Stavros Niflis
  • Michalis Salis
  • Fragiskos Kefalas
  • Vagelis Fragakis

Photography competition on the subject of the Ancient Quarries