The Cycladic Identity initiative supports our efforts to protect the ancient quarries

The non-profit organisation “Park of Ancient Marmarou Paros Quarries AMKE” has started a systematic effort to protect the ancient quarries in Marathi and to create an archaeological and cultural park. A key issue is to address the stability problems in the rock mass of the underground galleries, mainly concerning the Nymphs’ quarry, and the gradual reopening of the monument to visitors.

An important step in this direction was taken with the AMKE’s new project entitled “ANCIENT QUARRIES OF PAROS – STABILITY AND ACCESSIBILITY OF THE UNDERGROUND GALLERIES”, which is implemented with funding from the new initiative of the Museum of Cycladic Art, CYCLADIC IDENTITY.

On Wednesday 31.5.2023, the CYCLADIC IDENTITY team led by the President of the Museum of Cycladic Art, Mrs Sandra Marinopoulou and the initiative’s project manager, Mrs Yuki Krontira, visited the ancient quarries in Marathi.

The Cycladic Identity initiative for the ancient quarries

The Cycladic Identity initiative for the ancient quarries

The representatives of CYCLADIC IDENTITY discussed the progress of the project with members of the Board of the AMKE and the Geotechnical Engineer, Dr Dimitris Englezos, who is the head of the scientific project team under the general supervision of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades.

The project is expected to be completed by September 2023 and follows on from the 3-d digital topographic survey and geological investigation of the Nymphs’ and Pan’s quarries which was carried out by the Geotechnical Engineering Department of Athens Polytechnic (NTUA) with funding from the Ministry of Culture and which has been presented by Prof. Vassilis Marinos on 27.11.2022 at an AMKE event in Parikia.

The Board of Directors of the AMKE expressed its gratitude to the CYCLADIC IDENTITY for its support to the work of the AMKE and its contribution to the protection and promotion of the cultural heritage of Paros and all the Cyclades.