Photography competition on the subject of the Ancient Quarries

Photography contest on the subject of the Ancient Quarries

Photography contest on the subject of the Ancient Quarries. The contest is open to anyone interested in this subject—Submission deadline: 30/04/2024. Prize(s) will be awarded, sponsored by the association Friends of Paros and Antiparos.

Programme on the ancient quarries in the schools of Paros 2023-2024

For the second year, the non-profit organisation (AMKE) “Park of Ancient Marble Quarries of Paros” organises actions in schools of Paros to inform and raise awareness among the students about the historical value and cultural heritage of the ancient marble quarries. This year’s programme started on 19/12/2023 at the General Lyceum of Paros and we quote below the announcement of the Director, Ms. Ifigenia Hatzigeorgiou.

In the context of its actions and in an effort to get to know the history of Paros the youth of our island, the Board of Directors of the Non-Profit  Organisation “Park of Ancient Quarries of Marmarou Paros” (AMKE), took the initiative to inform about its work and to raise awareness among the students of our schools. Thus, after consultation, on Tuesday, December 19, cultural expert-tour guide Mrs. Georgia Papadopoulou and Mr. Spyros Mitrogiannis, member of the Board of Directors AMKE,  visited the General Lyceum of Paros and spoke to the students of the 1st and 2nd forms about the need to protect the Ancient Quarries of Marathion on the one hand and on the other hand they unfolded the goal of AMKE which is none other than the promotion of the unique history and cultural heritage of the underground and surface ancient quarries of Paros.

The ultimate goal is the creation of an Archaeological and Cultural Park in the area of the quarries and their recognition as a World Heritage Site.

Thus, our students had the opportunity to learn about the history of their place, express questions and discuss them.

Many thanks to Mrs. Georgia Papadopoulou for the very beautiful presentation.

The Director

Ifigenia Hatzigeorgiou



Informative Panels in ancient quarries

Installation of information boards

Event of 27-7-2023

Ancient Quarries Event – Thursday 27/7/2023

Ancient Quarries Event
Thursday 27/7/2023 at 19:30
At the Courtyard of the former Primary School of Marathi

visit at the secondary school of Parikia

Action programme of AMKE in schools

New members of AMKE

The Board of Directors of the non-profit organisation “Paros Ancient Marble Quarries Park AMKE” at its last meeting of 15.5.2023 unanimously accepted Marousso Bouras and Konstantina Alipranti as full members of the AMKE. The managing director of our organisation, Nikos Malatestas, welcomed the new members on behalf of the board, emphasising their contribution so far and saying: “We are sure that in this new capacity, you will continue to contribute in a creative way to the realisation of the goals of the AMKE and we are particularly happy about it”.

Volunteers are always welcome to join the AMKE as friends or full members. “Full members” would typically be assigned specific responsibilities in implementing the projects and other activities of the organisation. Join HERE.