Ancient Quarries Project: one-year project report and proposals to the mayoral candidates

On 27/7/2023, at an event held in Marathi, the NGO “Park of Ancient Quarries of Paros” presented the work it has carried out in the one year of its existence and discussed the strategy and actions required in the future to overcome the remaining obstacles and to develop the archaeological site in Marathi into an archaeological and cultural park worthy of the global value of the unique monument of the Ancient Quarries.

  • The main protection actions implemented or promoted by the NGO in the field of protection include a) the 3D digital mapping and geological mapping of all the galleries of the Panos and Nymphs quarries prepared by the NTUA under the leadership of Professor V. Marino and b) the project to improve the stability and accessibility of the galleries (taking temporary or permanent support measures at the points that present the most severe instability problems) that is in progress with funding from Cycladic Identity (Museum of Cycladic Art).
  • The main promotional actions implemented by the NGO include a) the construction and placement of information signs as a first step towards reversing the current image of abandonment of the archaeological site, b) the creation of the AMKE website,, where a large volume of material has been collected in relation to the history and cultural value of the Ancient Quarries and c) the organization of many communication actions to promote the importance of the monument (regular visits – guided tours to the site, informative events, such as the one last November in Archilochos, and speeches at the high schools of Parikia and Naoussa).

The NGO does not take political positions or actions, but is a Non-Profit Company, i.e. a special purpose tool, aiming at the protection and promotion of the Ancient Quarries and the creation of an Archaeological and Cultural Park in Marathi. It undertakes initiatives and actions for this purpose after, in accordance with its statutes, seeking the opinion of the authorities (Superintendent of Antiquities, the Mayor, the Prefect, the head of the opposition) and the presidents of the six local associations that pioneered its creation and support its operation (Friends of Paros and Antiparos, the Cultural Association “Archilochos” of Paros, the Cultural and Recreational Association of Marathi-Vounion “Agios Minas”, Paros-Antiparos Hotel Association, Federation of Parian Associations, Institute of Archaeology of Paros and the Cyclades).

The local elections are approaching and the NGO, as it has done so far, will continue to cooperate with all stakeholders and support the work of the Municipal Authority and the Ministry of Culture. The Board of Directors of the NGO has informed all the mayoral candidates about the report of the first year of its operation, including the financial resources it has raised from donations from our fellow citizens, programs and foundations, and the priorities for the future, and has proposed an ambitious program for the creation of an archaeological and cultural park with the next main points for the new Municipal Authority, i.e. that the Municipality:

  1. It will support the creation of an Archaeological and Cultural Park in Marathi, will participate in the preparation of a Strategic Plan for the creation of the Park and is available to undertake or participate in its management.
  2. It intends to participate in a Memorandum of Cooperation or a Programmatic Agreement with the Ministry of Culture and Development and the AMKE for the preparation of the Strategic Plan for the creation of an Archaeological and Cultural Park and its implementation.
  3. It is committed to contributing to the financing of studies, projects and property acquisition for the implementation of the Strategic Plan with an annual amount of 100.000€ during the five-year period.

The members of the Board of Directors of “Ancient Marble Quarries Park of Paros”:

Mania Abatzi, George Vlandas, Anna Kagani, Athanasia Kydoniefs, Nikos Malatestas, Harris Martinos, Spyros Mitrogiannis