The palimpsest of the Nymph’ quarry

The palimpsest of the Nymph’ quarry at Marathi, Paros

In the years preceding the outbreak of the Greek Revolution, travellers, philhellenes and archaeologists travelling to Paros were aware of the adits at Marathi. The artificial labyrinthine cave system, created in the antiquity, fascinated foreign travellers as they immersed themselves in the marble riverbed that had once given life to statues of gods and humans. Related romantic depictions appeared on engravings that were already circulating in European libraries, palaces and salons.

1st event for the Marathi marble quarries

Ancient Quarries Event on 12/07/2022

This event took place in Marathi, on Tuesday 12/7/2022. It was a brilliant reunion of those interested in the cultural heritage and the Ancient Quarries of Paros. We heard about the actions that have been launched and about the strategy to create an archaeological and cultural park and achieve the recognition of the unique monument of the ancient quarries as a World Heritage site.